First Visit

During your first visit, we will thoroughly examine your complaint to first determine if you are in the right place for your condition. If imaging (X-ray, MRI, etc) is needed, it will also take place at this time. 

Treatment will begin on your first visit in most cases. This can include spinal and extremity adjustments, corrective exercise, muscle work, ultrasound therapy, laser treatment, kinesiology taping, and more depending on your specific needs. 

You can feel comfortable in knowing all procedures performed will be thoroughly explained and all questions will be answered. Our goal is to exceed expectations and reach all goals our patients set in seeking our care.

Follow-Up Visit

Follow-up visits will be determined based on the individual patients response to care. No two patients are the same and one patients back pain is very different from another's.

Follow-up visits will include all treatments needed as outlined above. Any exercises provided for "homework" will be re-assessed at your appointment and modified if necessary. At Advanced Chiropractic and Laser Centers- Neillsville, at-home compliance with your treatment plan is a big part of your care. Our goal is to provide exercises you can do at home to alleviate minor flare-ups, keeping you in control of your health until you need to seek further treatment!