Dealing With Holiday Stress? Here Are Some Tips Just For You!

The holiday season should be a time for family, friends, and happiness. Oftentimes we get too bogged down trying to please everyone around us that we let additional stress creep into our lives. Here is a list of tips you can implement into your holiday season to reduce stress and find additional happiness during this special time of year:

"Don't Worry, Santa... My Dad Is A Chiropractor!"

  1. Exercise-

  2. Movement is one of the best forms of therapy you can find. Exercise may provide relief for nearly any ailment. “Runners High” is a phenomenon caused by chemicals released in the body during and after running. A similar effect can be found in many forms of exercise, including taking a long walk. Take the dog for a walk. Walk to the store. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Plan a way to add movement into your holidays!

  3. Nutrition-

  4. Let’s face it. During the holidays everyone will indulge in a decorated cookie. Then of course ten more. Let’s not forget that fudge. Do yourself a favor when you pick up that cookie and take small bites at a time, spread out over a longer period of time. You still get the satisfaction of sugar on your palate but won’t need to workout for the next 6 months just to burn off your holiday sugar binge!

  5. Set a Schedule-

  6. Knowing exactly what you will be doing and where you will be each day (ahead of time) allows peace of mind that you will not forget to be somewhere or do something. It also allows you to think about each day in advance and plan any gifts or food before the day you need it (we’ve all forgotten to buy a gift before!).

  7. Sleep-

  8. Be sure to get plenty of rest at night, or consider napping off the big holiday lunches. Sleep is essential to recovery from a long day, even if you felt like your day was relaxing. It is suggested children receive at least 8 hours each night while adults may be able to get by with slightly less. Get to bed early, take a nap, or sleep in (we all know sleeping in will be the easiest!).

  9. Chiropractic-

  10. Studies looking at blood before and after spinal manipulation (adjustments) have suggested cortisol (the stress hormone) may be changed afterwards, leading to a decrease in pain sensation and stress!

Hopefully your holidays are not a stressful event, but in reality for many of us they are. Worry less about impressing family members you don’t see often, and focus more on the happiness you share with those around you. The above tips will help maintain your personal happiness and get us all through the holidays together!

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