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We are excited to announce Advanced Chiropractic and Laser Center- Neillsville has become a Rock Tape Certified Clinic! So, how can Rock Tape help you?

When applied to the skin, Rock Tape may block pain signals to your brain. The mechanism for how this works is similar to being hit on the arm to the point you rub it to feel better. The rubbing mechanism overpowers pain signals to your brain, effectively alleviating the painful sensation.

Rock Tape also has a built-in stretch. What does this mean?

The Rock Tape "shrinks" following application to the skin. This creates a lifting effect at the microscopic level, which may allow inflammation or bruising to be drained away more efficiently by the lymphatic system (the garbage collector of the body).

Many people wonder why Olympic Athletes are wearing various types of Kinesiology Tape on their bodies during Olympic Events. Rock Tape is utilized by athletes for injury maintenance and to improve performance at all levels! At certain events, the usage of Kinesiology Tape is banned due to it's beneficial properties during performance, so always be aware of any rules regarding tape prior to engaging in competition!

These are just a few of the benefits of using Rock Tape for pain and performance. For more information, or questions about whether or not Rock Tape is right for you, visit or find a Rock Tape certified medical provider near you!

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