Specialization In Youth Sports

Specialization in youth sports has been a topic of discussion in the athletic world.. While we think our young athletes are gaining traction in one sport as a star, they may actually be hurting their long term athletic potential.

Now, The University of Wisconsin- Madison is finding increased lower body injuries in high school athletes who limit participation to one sport.

In their study, it was found that specialized athletes sustained 60% more new injuries to their lower extremities than those who played multiple sports. This can likely be attributed to overuse of certain muscles and muscle groups. While overuse injuries occur across all ages, genders, and lines of work (think carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, etc), there are preventative measures and treatment protocols that can be used to prevent or treat these conditions effectively!

For more information about the UW-Madison study, check out the linked article from USA-Today High School Sports!…/new-wisconsin-study-claims-single-…

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